My digital Diary

My digital Diary 3.2

Keep a digital diary and record day-to-day events

Record the important events in your life in a diary stored on your PC and attach files or images to any entry you input. Ensure your privacy by encrypting everything you've written and password-protect your diary.

With My Digital Diary program, you have all you need to write your own digital personal diary, and with a complete privacy, you will feel free to write anything about your feelings, appointments, dates, texts, etc., knowing that all your data will be kept totally safe from strange and curious eyes. You can write, read, correct and attach files and images to your diary entries (these files will be encrypted and added to your diary database). One of the advantages of My Digital Diary is that supports multiple users, and each user is protected with his own password.

In order to write a new entry, you have to select the option"Write or Edit Entry" from the tabbed menu, and press the button labeled "New Entry". On this window you will find some basic attributes like font color, foreground color, font size, bold, underlined, italics, right, center and align adjustment, copy, cut and paste from the clipboard, etc. If you want to edit an entry, you have to select the entry in the list (located below the calendar). My digital Diary also has Memoirs feature (these are diary entries which aren't linked to a specific date). Those can be written or edited from the "Memoirs" option.

My digital Diary has two versions, free and Pro version. Some advanced features will not be available on the freeware version.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • Very easy to use tabbed Interface
  • Multiuser Support


  • Freeware version doesn't let you to print your entries
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